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Specialists in scanning fragile volumes

We use a specialised book scanner for fragile bound volumes.

Our state of the art planetary overhead scanner scans books in a face-up position, so handling is minimised and bindings are protected.

This method of scanning means there’s no need to remove the binding edge by guillotining the spine and reduces any damage to the spine of even the most delicate of material to be captured.

A planetary scanner (also called an orbital scanner) is a type of image scanner for making scans of rare books and other easily damaged documents. In essence, such a scanner is a mounted camera taking photos of a well-lit environment. Originally, such scanners were expensive and could only be found in archives and museums.

Flatbed scanners often come in contact with at least part of the object to be scanned. They also require books to be fully opened most of the time (there are some exceptions where the scanning surface ends at the edge of the flatbed scanner, so that a book can be opened partially). Both practices can damage rare books; For example, opening book 180 degrees can be damaging to its spine. These scanners are also implemented to scan other fragile documents such as old maps. However, planetary scanners that allow the book to open to a full 180 degrees have special features that protect the book binding from being damaged. Many of those scanners are equipped with self-balancing book cradles, gaps for the binding to be placed in, and pressure-sensitive glass controls. It is argued that by opening the book to a full 180 degrees and using scan glass, the scanner is able to capture further into the binding than those using a V cradle.

Planetary scanners tend to touch fewer parts of a book and provide an option of only opening a book partially.

Be rest assured, with this scanner, your rare books are handled safely with us.

Huge Benefits for

Lawyers & Solicitors...
Lawyers & Solicitors...
Why go to court with assistants and sack-trucks stacked with archive boxes filled with documents; take a laptop instead.
If you allocate large amounts of valuable floor space to shelves and storage systems, then save yourself money by letting us DIGITISE your paper files.
Medical Professionals...
Medical Professionals...
Imagine immediate electronic access to all your patient records from any location: Referrals, Allergy reports, Test Results, Medical Plans, Emergency Contact Details...

Contact Total Secure Scan now to discuss your own specific requirements. We can tailor a plan that suits your needs.

What Client's Say

We have been using Total Secure Scan to scan our old Rates Assessment Books and have found the professionalism and quality of work to be outstanding. To be able to refer to our old ledger books electronically has saved hours in searching time and the clarity and detail of their work does not go unrecognised. They take pride in caring for the books to ensure they are not damaged and are very honest in their service delivery. We have not had any issues with Total Secure Scan and would use their service again.

Chantelle Snart
Senior Records Management Officer/Accredited FOI Officer/ Acting Customer Service Coordinator (Mid Murray Council)

TSS helped to solve our problem of how to archive thousands of long, large format film and paper records by providing an efficient and high quality scanning service. They always had a solution and were quick and helpful in every way.

Dr Kent Inverarity
Project Officer (Geophysicist) | Water Resource Monitoring Unit - Science Group | Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources

We recently engaged Total Secure Scan to copy our company's financial and HR paper archive. This consisted of approximately thirty thousand documents going back nearly 15 years.

Total Secure Scan guaranteed a great deal of trust and confidence and any concerns I had were very quickly laid to rest after meeting the team.  From the outset I was extremely impressed with their dedication to customer satisfaction and attention to detail. They went out of their way to make sure every page was scanned legibly, and they organised the completed files to our exact specification.

Best of all, Total Secure Scan completed the entire project on time and on budget. I now have my company archive backed up to hard disk and sitting on my company’s file server!

I will certainly be using Total Secure Scan again and I would be more than happy to recommend them to anyone looking for a secure scanning service.

Ed Parker, Corporate Services ManagerĀ 

Our mission

We are an innovative business which is committed to providing excellence in document imaging services

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