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Total Secure Scan specialise in creating digital copies of your paper based documents and archives.

Documents can be scanned with Optical Character Recognition software, enabling the data on a page to be read, edited and most importantly searched to find specific information or words FAST.

Once digitized, you can receive multiple CDs of your valuable data to hold at different sites to ensure complete information protection and/or have us add them to an encrypted Web Based Secure Portal to access from any computer worldwide.

Top 20 Reasons…
businesses benefit from scanning their paper based documents.

  1. Files can now be shared Locally and Globally
  2. Lower the cost of transport and off-site storage
  3. Turn a Filing Cabinet into a CD
  4. Massive Office floor space storage savings
  5. Go Green! Strive toward a Paperless Office
  6. Reduce office clutter
  7. Project a professional image
  8. Increase workflow efficiency – increase profits
  9. Retrieve critical documents fast – streamline work practices
  10. Multiple people can access the one document at the same time
  11. Quick to extract specific data out of a large document
  12. Natural Disaster protection – duplicate data to multiple sites
  13. Easy document comparison on-screen
  14. Reduce office stationery purchases (e.g. archive boxes)
  15. Reduce office equipment purchases (e.g. filing cabinets)
  16. Government Authorities charge less if receiving electronic documents
  17. Protect document integrity – electronic files aren’t being handled and damaged
  18. Develop strong audit trails through well structured electronic filing.
  19. Accountability
  20. Peace of Mind!

Security is Paramount…

Not only does Total Secure Scan have a Managing Director Authorised by the Federal Government to handle even the most sensitive Military documentation, the rest of our staff also go through rigorous security procedures training… all to Protect YOU, our valued client.

You can rest assured that our procedures safeguard the integrity of your documentation.

Likewise, in your own office, reducing paper based documents reduces risk of unauthorized employee access, or for that matter, access by a burglar.

Store your scanned data behind multi-level secure access points to limit broad level access.

Disaster recovery & Daily safeguards

Imagine if your business became a victim of a fire or flood. It happens! Scanning and digitising your operational and historical records offers you protection, allowing you to reinstate your business fast. Insurance companies love to see this level of planning and back-up to!

Stop the worry about pages becoming difficult to read (e.g. fading thermal fax printouts), poor paper quality, copies from copies, weathering of time due to environmental conditions, moisture, heat, fire, flood and rodents etc…

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Huge Benefits for

  • Government Departments…
    Icon Gov Centralise critical records giving employees and field staff quick access to working files.
  • Manufacturers & Workshops…
    Manufacturers and Workshops Reduce reliance on paper based Manuals, Technical and Operating Procedure Instructions… digitize them to increase access efficiency. Then make easy ongoing updates as required.
  • Finance & Insurance Professionals…
    Icon Finance Maintain client records electronically – access them fast, perhaps straight off a web portal from wherever you have internet access. Fast info to make Quick decisions.
  • Schools and Universities…
    Icon Schools Retain electronic records for your teacher and student academic plans and achievements. Store individual medical and emergency information – Retrieve it FAST without the panic paper search.
  • YOU
    Contact Total Secure Scan now to discuss your own specific requirement and receive a quote. We can tailor a plan to suit your specific needs.


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